Dodatne usluge uz najam e-bicikla

E-bike rentals - Additional services

Name Type Description Price per day
Water bottle (bidon) purchase water quantity 500 ml or 750 ml na upit
Wind-proof / sweat scarf (BUFF) purchase unisex 100,00 kn
Tire tube 27" or 29" purchase   50,00 kn
GoPro camera + SD card rental can be used in all conditions, water resistant 75,00 kn
SD card purchase recording up to 11,000 images in the strongest mode, recording in HD resolution for about 1 hour 130,00 kn
GPS device rental can operate up to 8 h or up to 16 h in the battery saving system 150,00 kn
Tire replacement tools rental / 10,00 kn
Seat cover rental Gel seat cover, makes it easier to take long rides 15,00 kn
GoPro camera holder - for the body rental fabric / plastic used at chest height 10,00 kn
GoPro camera holder - on the steering wheel rental plastic carrier with mounting on the steering wheel 10,00 kn
Lamp for night driving - front rental illumination between 1400-1800 lumens, operation in max illumination approx. 8 hours 50,00 kn
Lamp for night driving - rear rental red illumination 10,00 kn
Helmet (mandatory Buff) rental For hygienic reasons, it is obligatory to put on a protective hair cover (can be a bicycle cap or scarf) 30,00 kn