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Explore every corner of beautiful Croatia in a fun, active and easy way with our Premium full suspension e-bikes.

Experience an unforgettable ride and conquer the peaks of the highest mountains.

Push your limits, prove yourself your own strength and easily conquer even the steepest climbs!

e-bike rental

I-TI bike team

Specialized in the e-bike rental and related equipment.

Who are we?

We are a team of young enthusiasts, well maybe not so young, but we feel younger and "crazer" every day, and the reason for that are e-bikes.

After many miles traveled with "ordinary" bikes, we decided to replace our old bikes with e-bikes with which we pushed our boundaries and visited the peaks of the highest mountains we could only dream of when riding "ordinary" bikes.

What is e-bike?

The e-bike differs from the "ordinary" bike in that it provides assistance that greatly facilitates the ride itself, especially on slopes, so you can ride a bike on more demanding trails even with less fitness and strength.

What do we want for you?

We want to give you the opportunity to push your boundaries and defeat yourself. We want to give you the experience you have never experienced before.

Do you want that too?

The vast majority of people never decides to go to the mountains by bike or ride more demanding trails because they think they will fail. We want to prove you just the opposite and we believe that with our premium full suspension e-bikes you can conquer the places that you thought were a big challenge for you.

Finish line!

The more the better, because the best view is from the highest peaks and mountains.

E-bike rental

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